Namespace Best Practices

Namespaces are the organization structure in Flux that allows you to name your workflows and group them together in logical units.

Namespaces are used in several places through Flux:

Because of the wide range of applications for namespaces, we’ve developed a few simple best practices to keep in mind when building your namespace structures.

Workflows should share a common namespace folder in any of the following scenarios:

  • Multiple workflows will access the same set of underlying data (FTP server locations, web service applications, etc.). Sharing a namespace will allow these workflows to use the runtime configuration to access the same set of underlying data, which will only need to be updated in a single location.
  • Multiple workflows will share the same security restrictions, or your users will only need to access/operate on a particular class of workflow. Namespaces can help distinguish workflows by type, allowing your users to see only the workflows that interest them.
  • Users will often need to perform batch operations on a set of workflows. Namespaces allow you to perform operations at the namespace folder level, so users can quickly perform tasks like pausing, expediting, or removing entire groups of workflows in a single operation.

Workflows should not be named with the characters “*”, “?”, “%”, “_”, “$”, and “.” as these are reserved.