Enterprise Java Actions - EJB Entity Action and Dynamic EJB Entity Action

The documents in this section discuss the actions for invoking enterprise Java code from Flux.


The EJB Entity Actions return results in the flow context variable “result”. The result is a List, where each entry is the return value from the method invocation (defined by the listener signature) on each remote reference returned from the EJB home interface.

Flow Context Variable Java Type Description Prescript / Postscript Example
RESULT List<Object> This list contains the return value for each method call from the remote references for this action.
The list may be empty, but it will never be null.
List returnValues = flowContext.get("RESULT"); for (Object retVal : returnValues) { System.out.println("Return Value: " + retVal); }

Passing Results with a Runtime Data Map

You can use a Runtime Data Map to copy the result into a new variable (for future reference or to reuse the data later in the workflow).

To copy the result, you can use a data map like:

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