Release Notes

All updates are cumulative of all prior updates. Updates are distributed as zip files. Follow these directions to apply the update. To upgrade to Flux 8.2, you must be using an 8.1 release.

  1. Shut down any Flux engine and Operations Console instances that are running.
  2. Download and extract the new Flux version to your system. Download the .zip version of the release from
  3. Unzip the downloaded zip file to a temporary directory.
  4. Delete the flux directory inside the /webapp/ directory.
  5. Copy the flux.jar and flux.war files from the new release over your existing ones (i.e., /flux.jar and /webapp/flux.war).
  6. Copy the lib directory from the temporary directory into /lib/ directory>
  7. Copy the .sh files from the new release over to your existing one.
  8. Ensure your Flux 8.2 license key file is in the Flux directory.
  9. Run the script.
  10. Restart your engines and web application.

After installing Flux, you can optionally enable the real-time Flux Log File Viewer by adding the following entries to the file located in the /.flux/ and restarting the Flux operations console webapp.

logDir=/logs logFilter=*.log That’s it! Your new Flux version is now installed and ready to run.

Note: Flux 8.2 requires a JDK, not just a JRE.

Flux 8.2 (31 October 2022)

  • Added Amazon S3 support to all File Triggers and Actions.
    Using S3 is now as simple as selecting “S3 Host” from the list of sources and filling out the region, bucket, access ID, and secret access key information.
  • Added “Juneteenth National Independence Day” support. Updated names of holidays to match the US federal naming convention: “Martin Luther King Day” ➡️ “Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.” and “Presidents’ Day” ➡️ “Washington’s Birthday”.
  • Reverted the web application’s name to its original title, the “Operations Console”.

Flux 8.2.1 (20 Feb 2023)

  • The PGP keys under the System tab now renders up to 100 keys instead of 10.
  • The method flux.file.IncludesFileCriteria include(String filePattern) now defaults the file minimum count to 1 instead of 0, which caused the triggers to fire prematurely.
  • Deprecated method flux.file.FileTrigger.setActiveWindow is now officially removed.

Flux 8.2.1 is NOT “drop-in” replacement IF-AND-ONLY-IF you use the flux.file.FileTrigger.setActiveWindow() method, which is deleted as of this maintenance release.