Delete Bucket

This Flux action is used to connect to an S3 server and delete a bucket with the specified variables. Any S3 action in Flux will use the global S3 credentials file. Before using any S3 action, the credentials file must be created and populated.

This can be done by following the tutorial provided by Amazon here

This needs to be done on every machine that is going to connect to S3.

A bucket is where files or “S3 Objects” are stored on an S3 server. Each Bucket is created from a Region. When interacting with a bucket in any way, you must be calling the action with the correct region.

A global runtime variable is default for the Region field in all S3 actions. This variable is “s3region”, and can be edited in your runtime variables file or Settings tab.

Delete bucket will not execute on S3 servers if:

  • The bucket does not exist
  • The bucket is in a different Region than specified
  • You do not have permission to operate on this bucket