File Triggers and Actions - File Encrypt PGP Action

Encrypts a set of files using PGP encryption. The encryption is secured by either a public key from the repository or a passphrase. The bytes of each file are streamed from the source host and are encrypted along the way so no unencrypted data is stored in transit.



The algorithm used for the PGP encryption. This can be one of the following:

  • AES_128
  • AES_192
  • AES_256
  • CAST5
  • DES
  • IDEA
  • NULL (no encryption)
  • SHA_1
  • SHA_224
  • SHA_256
  • SHA_384
  • SHA_512

By default, AES_128 will be selected in the Designer.


Specifies whether the encryption will be ASCII armored.

Delete Source

Specifies whether the unencrypted source file should be deleted after completing the encryption.

Key Namespace

The repository namespace this action will use to retrieve the public key. Do not set this property if a passphrase has been specified (see Passphrase below).


The passphrase used to secure the PGP encryption. Do not set this property if a key namespace has been specified (see Key Namespace above)