File Triggers and Actions - File Move Action

Preserving File Names

File Criteria Pair

If you are using a file criteria pair (source and target criteria) for a File Move Action, you can preserve the file names for all files being moved from the source to the target host by doing the following:

  1. Make sure there are no includes set on the target file criteria.
  2. Make sure that no Renamer is set on the file criteria pair.

As long as these items are both true, the original filename of each file will be preserved as it is moved to the target host.

Simple File Source / Target

If you are using a simple file source and target, you can preserve file names by setting the “target” URL to a directory, rather than a specific file name.

As long as the target URL points to a directory rather than an individual file, Flux will automatically preserve the source file name during the file transfer.


The File Move Action returns lists of all the files for which the move was carried out successfully.

File Move Action results are returned in the same format as the File Copy Action; for more information on retrieving and using File Move Action results, see File Copy Action.