FTP and SFTP Server Testing and Permissions


A user may have issues with their FTP/SFTP file transfers. Often this is related to not validating file and directory permissions on their FTP/SFTP servers. Consider reviewing the following:

  1. Make sure that the FTP/SFTP user accounts have enough permissions to navigate to the root (‘/’) of the FTP/SFTP server, otherwise use relative paths rather than absolute paths in the file transfers
  2. When testing for FTP/SFTP connectivity and permissions on the remote server, use an FTP/SFTP client (e.g., FileZilla) to test the connection using the credentials that will be supplied in Flux’s file triggers and actions. Testing connectivity using the command line is not a valid test. If FileZilla does not allow you to navigate to the root of the server, Flux will also be unable to do so.

FTP/SFTP Server Testing

Flux interoperates with many different FTP/SFTP servers. The following FTP/SFTP server environments are used while testing Flux:

  1. freeSSHd — FTP, SFTP, Windows
  2. Silvershield — SFTP, Windows
  3. WinSSHd — SFTP, Windows
  4. PureFTPd — FTP, Mac (Linux and Windows supported as well)