Highlights of Flux

Since 2000, Flux has proven itself as the backbone of many mission-critical applications across various industry sectors and infrastructures worldwide. The 100% Java-based Flux solution includes consolidated scheduling, workflow design and execution, managed file transfer, ETL automation, and database integration.

Flux offers a single agile package to securely automate tasks across the entire enterprise with built-in security, business visibility, and accountability. Flux can replace a hodge-podge of legacy software or an overly complex high-ticket Workload Automation (WLA) or Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution.

Flux manages hundreds of thousands of tasks per day without any additional add-ons or modules. Friendly to heterogeneous environments, Flux schedules, securely transfers files, runs and tracks workflows, optimizes resources, and alerts staff to potential issues and bottlenecks for quick resolution.

Built on a resilient and unique peer-to-peer architecture, Flux inherently offers scalability, failover, high availability, and load balancing, optimizing workload performance and uptime.

A stand-out feature of Flux is complete orchestration of file transmissions within the solution. With visibility and tracking throughout the process, Flux offers responsive built-in automatic error handling mechanisms to orchestrate flows in a secure manner, improving compliance and security.

With a web-based Operations Console, intuitive Workflow Designer, and time-saving script-free automation, Flux appeals to IT operations staff in its ease of use. Flux is easy to deploy also. Script-free consolidation and automation of complex tasks reduces learning curves for staff. Drag-and-drop visual workflow creation defines workflows without scripting and allows staff to visualize workflow logic, without having to resort to complex and non-intuitive scripting. Staff can easily monitor workflow status to optimize workload performance and quickly resolve failures, improving communication to IT staff and keeping efficiency at the highest level possible.

For developers, Flux’s rich customizable features and light-weight footprint make Flux ideal for embedding. Flux has been the basis for the creation of countless new business applications. Web Services (REST and SOAP) integration simplifies integration in an SOA environment. Flux’s security mechanisms are visible at a dashboard level, the Java APIs, and the command-line interface.

Executive management finds the excellent price point, uncomplicated licensing, and renewal process a perfect fit for large enterprises and small project budgets. Whether the processes are on-premise or in the cloud, Flux is powerful enough for large complex projects but priced to be an optimal solution for small projects too.


  1. Unique Architecture. Unique peer-to-peer architecture offers scalability, failover, high availability, and load balancing. There is no master node cluster. Clustered servers cooperate equally, offering high availability. There is no single point of failure. Tasks are spread across servers, delivering load balancing and reliability. Workload triggers can be set based on system workload thresholds or optimal run times based on preset thresholds to optimize resources and performance.
  2. Superior Managed File Transfer Orchestration. Flux excels with a simplified managed file transfer environment to efficiently integrate with other systems, applications, and databases. Complete orchestration within Flux offers a) reduced errors and easier onboarding of new processes with drag-and-drop visual workflows, b) orchestration of all file transfer requirements in one place, c) responsive built-in automatic error handling, and d) visibility and tracking through reporting and audit trails
  3. Exceptional Price Point. Flux offers enterprise-class functionality at a fraction of the cost of the competitors. Coupled with the fact that it is easy to deploy and use - which reduces time and training - the total cost of ownership is very competitive.
  4. Flexible Deployment. Flux is 100% Java-based, is cross-platform, and can be used standalone or embedded in Java app servers and within Java applications.
  5. Dual Usage in One Solution. Flux connects IT professionals and developers. IT Operations Managers choose Flux for the time-saving script-free workload automation it provides. Developers select Flux because of its rich feature set, Web Services (SOA) for enterprise integration and easy embedding that allows developers to build new business applications quickly.