File Triggers and Actions - File Create Action

The File Create Action creates a group of files in the path specified by a File Criteria. By default, all existing files that match the given criteria will not be overwritten. If you wish to replace existing files with an empty file, simply enable the overwrite functionality. In the Flux Designer, enable the overwrite functionality by setting the “Overwrite” action property to true on the File Create action’s properties dialog.

The File Create Action is used only to create a new, empty file. The File Create Action does not supply any data for the file contents. If the File Create Action points to an existing file, it can truncate the file, but cannot modify any existing data in the file. If the path specified in the File Criteria doesn’t exist, the File Create Action will create the directory tree and then create the file in the specified folder.


The File Create Action uses the Flux file criteria to specify which files it will create. See File Triggers and Actions for more information on file criteria.


Specifies whether any existing file in the same directory, with the same filename, will be truncated. If this property is true, Flux will remove any data that is already stored in the file when this action runs. If the property is false, Flux will retain the existing data in the file.