Notification Triggers and Actions - Mail Action

The Mail Action allows you to construct and send an email within a workflow (using a mail template that can be configured within the action). To use the Mail Action, you must have an SMTP mail server available to deliver the mail.


FROM Address

This is the email address that will be shown in the ‘From’ field. When using certain SMTP servers (such as Gmail) this field will have the same info as the ‘Username’ field.

TO Addresses

A list of email addresses the Mail action should send the email to.


The subject of the email.


The body of the email.


The list of attachments (if any) that should be included with this mail. Each specified attachment must be the URL to a full path for a file on the local file system. For example:


Attachments must be local files. This property can not include networked file paths (such as UNC, Amazon S3 or FTP file locations).

Mail Server

The SMTP settings of the mail server to be used.


The port to connect to on the mail server. Many servers will allow connecting using Port 25, but certain servers might ask for SSL or TLS ports. For example, if you need to connect to a Gmail account with SSL enabled, you’ll need to use port 587.


The username to be used when connecting to the mail server.


Use this checkbox to enable SSL.


The password for the mail user being used to connect to the mail server.